Governance & Compliance Officer

Governance & Compliance Officer

The above vacancy exists within the Group Company Secretary’s Office and reports to the Group Company Secretary. The purpose of the job is to ensure support for the Group Company Secretary. The ideal candidate will be someone who is has either a legal degree or other relevant qualification in governance, compliance or company secretarial functions and with a year’s experience in either company secretary, legal, governance or compliance related duties.

Key performance areas include:

  • Management of Board and Committee meetings;
  • Company registrations and amendments;
  • General Board and Exco meeting co-ordination;
  • Drafting, monitoring and enforcement of policies/ terms of reference;
  • Training in respect of governance and compliance matters;
  • Statutory reporting and compliance;
  • Director registers and rotations scheduled;
  • Co-ordination of risk schedules;
  • General compliance related duties;
  • Advice to the Board in respect of corporate governance matters; and
  • General company secretarial, governance and compliance related duties.    

Key responsibilities include:

  • Statutory compliance and governance;
  • Preparation of agenda's;
  • Preparation and maintenance of schedule of proposed standard agenda items for all meetings;
  • Preparation of Aide Memoirs;
  • Review of draft minutes;
  • Circulation of all meeting material;
  • Set up and maintain resolution registers for all boards and committees;
  • Develop an annual board and committee plan for the group;
  • Update and circulate action items from all meetings;
  • Drafting and circulation of round robin resolutions;
  • Register of declarations of interest established and maintained;
  • Arrange payment of director’s fees;
  • Preparation of director remuneration schedules;
  • Preparation of ad-hoc reports for board and committee meetings;
  • Maintaining the board Governance packs;
  • Arrangement of annual board evaluations for the group;
  • Development of annual calendars for the Group;
  • Maintain up to date records of directors, MOI's, annual returns etc. with CIPC for the group;
  • Co-ordination of logistics of meetings (including board, committee and AGM meetings);
  • Preparation of draft AGM budget;
  • Arrangement of member registers and registration;
  • Drafting, coordinating and circulation of notice of the AGM and Proxy;
  • Maintain register of proxies received;
  • Update and maintain director registers for the group and rotation schedules for director rotation;
  • Maintain risk schedule on a monthly basis;
  • Co-ordination of monthly reports; and
  • Research, preparation of, monitoring and reporting on policies /terms of reference / ad hoc reports.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Has a post matric qualification in either company secretarial, legal or compliance;
  • A year’s relevant experience in either company secretarial, legal, governance or compliance related duties;
  • Strong Administration skills;
  • Computer literate with advanced Word and Excel; and
  • Very good command of the English language both written and verbal.

Core Competencies:

  • Strong ethical compass with very high level of integrity;
  • Assertive;
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times;
  • Patience and tolerance;
  • Detail orientated;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Pro-active;
  • Confident;
  • Responsible;
  • Persistence; and
  • Ability to follow a task through to finality.

Send your application to All positions will be filled in accordance with our Employment Equity policy. Closing date for this position is 30 April 2018.

Should you not receive any feedback in the next two weeks, please consider that you application has been unsuccessful.