What are the ways to make better connections in the music industry to ensure better performances and revenue for your venue? They may seem unreachable, but just like you, musicians, record label owners, publicists and publishers are also trying to make connections so that they can get their music out there. 

So, how do you make these industry connections to grow your own business? According to research findings these are the five steps that can help you make better connections:  

1. Use social media - Social media has become the simplest and most affordable way to get things done. It is easier to reach musicians and patrons online than anywhere else: 

o You have to identify the musicians that you would want to perform at your venue. Do not just pick anybody; ensure that the musicians you select will be right for the patrons that come to your venue. For example, if you are a jazz venue owner then associate yourself with jazz music publishers, record label owners/companies and musicians.  

o Make sure that when you begin to follow them on social media, you engage in their conversations in a manner that is professional and let them know who you are and what you offer. 

2. Get out there - You cannot contain yourself within the walls of your venue and hope that the best performers will show up. You need to get out there and know what the patrons are listening to and the music they prefer:

o Meet people face to face when possible. Personal contact is still the best way to build relationships. Talk to musicians, let them know who you are and suggest a gig or two at your venue. 

o Visit other venues and see how other people do things, what they are playing and how the crowd responds to the performers. 


Remember that every conversation you have is an opportunity to network. This means that you need to have your basic marketing tool at hand – your business cards. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your establishment known and to showcase how it could be of benefit to a musician, company, publicist or music publisher etc.

4.Follow up 

After your initial engagement, follow up to establish whether the performers, musicians or music publishers would like to perform or host events at your venue. No matter how good people’s intentions may be, sometimes they may get busy and forget to follow up, so make the call. 

5.  Never neglect relationships 

Musicians come and go, and with time a lot may change in the industry. Do not neglect relationships, keep in touch with the relevant music industry player and identify ways in which you can partner in order to help each other stay relevant, because some patrons become committed to musicians and venues that are committed to them.