Five minutes with hitmaker Prince Kaybee

Kabelo Motsamai, better known as Prince Kaybee has proven that it’s possible to make it in the industry no matter where you come from. Hailing from the small town of Senekal in the Free State, the house music producer who doubles as a DJ burst on to the music scene when he took part in, and won, the second season of popular SABC1 talent search programme “1’s and 2’s”.

Coming from humble beginnings, Prince Kaybee has certainly proved his talent, skill and ability to get any crowd on the dance-floor with his smashing beats. He solidified his place in the industry with his first album, released in 2015 called “Better Days”. He continues to showcase the best talent in the industry with his latest single, ‘Charlotte’ which features female vocalist Lady Zamar. 

After monitoring his rise since he entered the mainstream industry, we decided to have a chat with this hitmaker about when we can expect the second installment of the Prince Kaybee magic.

Question: Your talent is undeniable – with the numerous hits you've produced in a relatively short period, you've become known on a national scale. What inspires your music?
Firstly let me say, I draw my inspiration from God and my mother. God has given me the opportunity to live out my dream and my mom has always believed in me. My fans always expect a hit from me and that drives me to excel even more.

Q: You've got a banger of a single, ‘Charlotte’ on high rotation at the moment. How did this hit come about? You have everyone wondering who this Charlotte is…
After I composed a song, still with no title at the time, I called the talented Lady Zamar, who is featured on the track. She came in and wrote the lyrics for the track and ‘Charlotte’ was born. Charlotte represents insecurities that people have.  

Q:  What is your favourite track of your own to date?
I have produced a number of tracks and they all are my favourite because of the hard work that went in, but I have to say ‘Better Days’ holds a special place in my heart. 

Q:  What can we expect from you this year? 
I actually finished my second album last December and am currently finalising its release. Look out for it. It will be a banger of an album. 

Q: If not music, what else would you be doing?
Grooming and mentoring young, up-and-coming Free State artists. Music is my life and I have recently founded a record label called Low Key Records to fulfil what I believe is my purpose.

Q: What advice would you give musicians or DJs trying to make it in the industry? 
To never give up and give every opportunity you receive your very best. No matter how small a gig or opportunity, act professionally and see how God rewards your hard work.

Q:  You always look well put together, whether it’s at awards or gigs or on social media. Do you have a team that ensures you always look your best? Is how you present yourself important to your brand?
: People buy you before your product and the way you present yourself becomes important. I can produce good music but if I'm not presentable, people will not take me seriously. You always expect the chef to be neat before you indulge and if he is not neat, you cannot enjoy the meal.

Q: Who's your favourite DJ, locally or internationally?
I have always drawn a lot of inspiration from Black Coffee, with no exclusion of the likes of DJ Fresh, who actually paved the way for us. It's these gentlemen who I have looked up to.

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