Since 1961, SAMRO has been South Africa’s music rights champion. We protect the rights of composers and authors (music creators) both locally and internationally. Collecting licence fees from music users – television broadcasters, radio stations, in-store radio stations, pubs, clubs, retailers, restaurants and all other businesses that broadcast, use or play music.

SAMRO also plays a vital role in funding and supporting music and arts education through the SAMRO Foundation. It also boosts the local music industry by hosting regular seminars and workshops, and supporting conferences such as MOSHITO, to help foster and develop creativity across all categories and genres of music.

SAMRO is committed to being a world-class African copyright administration business that upholds the highest standards of corporate governance, business ethics and management in its quest to make a valuable and lasting contribution to the lives of its members, to South African cultural heritage, and to the music industry in general.


SAMRO was established in 1961 under the stewardship of Dr Gideon Roos Senior, to protect the intellectual property of composers and authors and to ensure that their creative output is adequately accredited and compensated both locally and internationally.

Today, SAMRO has grown into an internationally recognised collecting administration business representing more than 12 000 music creators. It has built up a solid reputation as the primary representative of music Performing Rights in Southern Africa, and is well respected among its global peers in the music industry.


  • To create value for the creators and users of music;
  • To protect the intellectual property rights of writers, composers and music publishers by licensing music users;
  • To ensure that members whose works are broadcast and played commercially are paid their royalties from licence fees collected by SAMRO; and
  • To actively promote the value of copyright.


Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the original songwriter or composer. These rights ensure the author receives his or her due in the form of royalties earned from the reproduction, distribution and adaptation of his or her work.

South Africa is a member of the International Copyright Union. All member countries are committed to ensuring reciprocal copyright protection for each other’s musical works.

South Africa is also a signatory to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, which is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and was first accepted in Switzerland in 1886.

Each signatory to the Berne Convention is required to recognise the copyright of the works of authors from other signatory countries, in addition to the copyright of its own nationals. The convention also stipulates that member states must provide for strong minimum standards for copyright law.

In South Africa, copyright is regulated in terms of the Copyright Act (No. 98 of 1978)


SAMRO administers the copyright and royalties of its members – being primarily music composers, authors and publishers.

Members who are composers and songwriters assign the rights of their musical works to SAMRO to administer. SAMRO, in turn, uses the assignments to license individuals and businesses that use music for business or commercial purposes. This includes shopping centres, nightclubs, television and radio broadcasters, and so on.

SAMRO collects these licence fees from music users, which are paid out to members in the form of royalties during annual distribution cycles (after administration costs are deducted).

By following simple procedures and paying the appropriate fees, individuals and businesses can use musical works administered by SAMRO. This will ensure that creators are rewarded for the public use of their intellectual property.


Through its relationships with international collecting societies, SAMRO provides a valuable service to over three million music creators worldwide.

SAMRO is a member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), enabling it to represent the interests of its composers, authors and publishers on a global scale.

  • Several of SAMRO’s senior managers and officials serve on various committees of CISAC – thereby representing the interests of South African composers, authors and publishers within this important international body.
  • SAMRO is involved in various CISAC initiatives in the SADC region and elsewhere in Africa, which also involve the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).
  • SAMRO has been a member of CISAC’s African Committee since 1994, and held the chairmanship of the African Committee from 2000 to 2005.
  • In addition to SAMRO’s activities in Africa through CISAC, its Board of Directors is always looking for ways to become proactively involved in assisting fellow African societies in the development of collective administration in their countries. SAMRO aims to ensure that members receive the correct royalties for the use of their music on the African continent.


SAMRO is also accredited with BIEM, the primary international organisation representing mechanical rights societies. These reciprocal agreements and affiliations enable SAMRO to collect music royalties from 225 societies in 150 countries around the world, on behalf of its members. Furthermore, SAMRO administers – in its own territory – not only the music rights of its members, but also a massive repertoire database of music from all over the world.

As a significant player in the global music arena, SAMRO supports international industry trade fairs and music showcases such as MOSHITO in Johannesburg, MIDEM in France and the World Music Expo (WOMEX).



SAMRO maintains powerful relationships with music industry players, legal bodies and other institutions that strengthen our position as the champion of music rights. Here are a few names of those who work in tune with us to offer a better service for both Music Creators and Music Users.


We’re not just business people with important titles. We’re music lovers just like you. Each of the 12 people who sit on the Board of Directors is as passionate about the future of the music industry as you are.

We are fully invested in the success of all our artists. Especially when it comes to our home-brewed South African talents who are making musical waves locally and all around the world.

  • Mr. J. Mnisi
    Chairman of the Board

    B Com (Hons), MBA, Diploma in Company Direction Jerry has well over twenty years experience in the financial services and asset management industry and has held various senior roles, including that of marketing and strategy director. Jerry has headed up Stanlib’s Institutional Distribution from 1 November 2010 and is currently attending SAMRO board meetings by invitation, serving as an independent.

  • Ms. S. Khumalo
    Deputy Chairman of the Board

    BA Music (Zululand), BA (Hons) History of Music (Wits), Higher Diploma in Personnel Management. Sibongile is a former head of FUBA’s music department (The Federated Union of Black Arts) and the Funda Arts Centre’s Coordinator.  She has worked with various artistic institutes including the Madimba Institute of African Music and served on the board of Opera Africa.  Sibongile won the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Music in 1993, and FNB Vita Award in 1999 and multiple SAMA awards.  

    She has recorded numerous albums and performed worldwide in leading roles.  She is involved with the Khongisa Academy for the Performing Arts and in 2007 founded the Khabi Mngoma Foundation to fundraise for Khongisa.  Sibongile is the Chairperson of the Association of South African Business Women in the Arts (SABWA). In the last few years she has honed her skills as a producer, ensuring a legacy for future young singers.

  • Ms. N. Migogo
    Chief Executive Officer

    Nothando Migogo is an Intellectual Property practitioner in the arts broadly, and music specifically, specialising in royalty management and licensing arrangements. She has a special interest in the management of African intellectual property (indigenous knowledge) and the digital market place. She previously served as the Managing Director of DALRO, a SAMRO subsidiary that administers literary, artistic and dramatic rights. A lawyer by training, Migogo has previously worked in educational publishing and as a tax consultant, and during her DALRO stint was named by the Mail & Guardian as one of its Top 200 Young South Africans to watch.

    Before being appointed as the SAMRO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in July 2017, Migogo was the CEO of CAPASSO for more than three years. She led that organisation, together with a dynamic team, to triple digit revenue growth and crucial licensing breakthroughs. Importantly, CAPASSO initiated two key strategies: first, the integration of rights holders (composers and publishers) in the field of Mechanical Rights administration following years of fragmented administration and secondly, the licensing of digital music platforms in South Africa.

    She also serves on the board of the SAMRO Foundation. 

  • Ms. D Modiba
    Chief Financial Officer

    Ditebogo has worked in the financial services industry for almost a decade, gaining experience in strategy formulation and implementation; revenue and expense optimisation; risk management; effective financial management and implementation of sound internal controls.

    As a driven finance executive, she is passionate about driving business financial performance and results by providing forward-looking insights and optimising business performance by implementing value creating and cost saving business practices.

    Ditebogo is a registered Chartered Accountant and holds a BCom Honours degree in accounting from the University of Johannesburg.

    She has previously worked as a finance professional at Deloitte & Touche, Nedbank, Discovery and was the Chief Financial & Risk Officer at MMI Multiply before joining SAMRO earlier this month.

    While heading up finance and risk functions is her “day job”, Ditebogo also enjoys dedicating her time and skills to various NGO’s that equip people and communities with values that help shape their life skills to enable them to become engaged and contributing members of our society.

  • Mr. S.C.P. Mabuse
    Mr. S.C.P. Mabuse
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Sipho is a professional composer and musician with experience throughout the industry. He has toured internationally and has performed in many countries including the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and Belarus. Sipho is a trustee of the SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts and former chairman of the SAMRO Retirement Annuity Fund. He also held a post on the FUBA Music School board, was the owner-manager of Kippies jazz club, was a member of the Music Industry Task Team (MITT) and a member of the National Arts Council of the Department of Arts and Culture. He also served on the board of the Soweto Old Age Home.

  • Prof. J. Zaidel - Rudolph
    Prof. J. Zaidel - Rudolph
    Non-Executive Board Member

    B Mus (cum laude), M Mus (cum laude), D Mus (Pretoria), D Ed (Honorary – Pretoria), L.T.C.L. F.T.C.L. U.P.L.M L.R.S.M. (Performers Licentiate – Royal Schools of Music) Jeanne has held academic posts for thirty-five years and has performed as an accompanist for many choirs and singers. She was head of the Performing Arts Workshop from 1983 to 1986 and has also been involved in initiatives for both curriculum development and concerts of South African music and composition workshops. She was a visiting Professor, artist and composer-in-residence in the USA, in Ohio and New York, attending festivals and conferences as a composer and lecturer.

  • Mr. J.E. Edmond
    Non-Executive Board Member

    John is a music publisher with 43 years experience and has been a composer/singer for 50 years, many of those as a professional musician in many countries including Holland, the UK, USA and Australasia. He represented South Africa at the World Song Festival in Japan in 1970. John was managing director of Gallo Music from 1968 to 1985. John is also the CEO of Roan Antelope Music, Chairman of the Leeuwpoort Farmers Union, a member of Wildlife Ranching SA and the Founder and Chairman of Leeuwpoort Raptor Conservancy.

  • Mr. J. Niemand
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Acclaimed songwriter and international performing artist, Joe Niemand has released  eight albums to date. Hailed as one of South Africa’s most promising talents, this award-winning tunesmith’s music has been heard in more than 98 countries worldwide. With a career that includes Theatre, Film music, commercial songwriting, music producing, publishing and managing his label Nomansland, Joe is passionate about the South African music industry and what we have to offer the world. 

    With Gold and Platinum albums Joe is a prolific artist in his own right and has released 5 albums in the past 4 years as well as co -producing the hit musical Ester Die Musical at the State Theatre, for which he wrote the music and starred in as well. In 2012 Joe produced one of the biggest shows in SA history with the celebration of the last ten years of his career, which included a symphony orchestra and a 500 voice mass choir. The concert called "Night of Light" was captured from 36 angles on a massive stage built in the middle of the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg. A film version of the concert was released in movie theaters country wide.

  •  Mr. L. Bala
    Mr. L. Bala
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Mr Loyiso Bala is one of the most recognisable and passionate people in the South African music fraternity. Loyiso has always made his mark in the industry. From his school days as a member of the prestigeous Drakensberg Boys Choir, to his subsequent success as a solo artist, Loyiso has broken through to become the king of R&B in this country. 

    With 5 SAMAs, 3 Metro FM Awards and a SAFTA for best musical score under his belt, Loyiso’s achievements are as varied as they are impressive. His solo career is littered with highlights such as Girl Without A Name and Gimme. He has shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, John Legend, Brian McKnight, Elton John, Will Smith and Akon. Performing alongside Alicia Keys and The Black Eyed Peas in the 2010 Fifa World Cup Opening Ceremony. He has been applauded by icons such as Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, Gordon Brown, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and many more. 

    His achievements go beyond the stage as an ambassador for Nelson Mandela’s 46664, Cotlands, the Smile Foundation and the South African Field Band Foundation. He also serves as Goodwill Ambassador for UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.

    SAMRO is privildged to benefit from the passion, inspiration and creative flair of Loyiso Bala.  He brings with him not only musical talent and an intuitive understanding of the business, but also lends his credibility as a respected representative of South African musicians everywhere. 

  • Mr. R. Naicker
    Mr. R. Naicker
    Non-Executive Board Member

    A strategic business management professional who studied towards Finance & Business administration after matriculating. He has concrete music copyright administration and financial experience gained in the music industry over the last 17 years.

    Back in 1999, he started off at Primedia Music which later became Electromode Music as a Band accountant for Dr. Victor, Just Jinjer and Bayete.  By the time he left in 2005 he had progressed to become the Finance and Royalties Manager. He then took up a role at EMI Records as a Royalties Manager and Accountant handling all aspects of artist and publisher royalties.

    It was not much later that he had joined Sony Music Publishing in early 2007 where he took up the role as head of Finance and Music Publishing Administration and in mid-2012, he was promoted to General Manager. Since then he has played a very active role in signing and looking after local and international writers in the territory. 


    He was responsible for the financial and management reporting for both Sony & EMI Music Publishing.

    He also oversaw the full copyright royalty administration function from the agreements, to world-wide song registration, royalty processing via our global royalty center and deal with various publishing societies across the globe.

    In April 2016 he was promoted to Managing Director for Sony Music & EMI Music Publishing and have been tasked with taking the company to new levels both on a local and international front.

    Recognized throughout his career for his steep learning curve, professionalism, flexibility and commitment.

    He pride himself on giving quality-focused service to the writers/artists while working to corporate expectations and tight timeframes.

  • Ms. R. Mabotja
    Ms. R. Mabotja
    Non-Executive Board Member

    Relebogile Mabotja has been in the media and entertainment business for 13 years with a host of skills. She was introduced to the television screens as a presenter in 2004 with CrazE on eTV. What followed was Gospel Grooves (eTV), 12 Day of Christmas (SABC 2), Nandos TV (Soweto TV), Dance Your Butt Off Season 1 and 2 (SABC 1), TrendingSA (Live) (SABC 3 – Week Guest Host) and over a decade over emcee and hosting gigs. Relebogile is currently host of the Early Breakfast Show on 702 where a variety of subjects are covered.

    She is the Producer behind projects the SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards, Afro Café, Metro FM’s Live Red Carpet Show for RGB and Musical Director of Afro Café, I Love South Africa, The Sing Off South Africa, Star The Winner Is (Nigeria) and Techo Own The Stage (Nigeria).

    She is the founder and managing director of Lebotja Media, a television, music production house, record label and publishing company that’s been operational since 2013. Lebotja Media has produced promo on-air for SABC and Africa Magic, Live Red Carpet (RGB), channel music for SABC 2, theme music for television shows Mzansi Insider (SABC 1), Sunday Chillas (SABC 1), Afro Café (SABC 2), The Sing Off South Africa (SABC 1), Making Moves (SABC 1) and I Love South Africa (eTV) to name a few.

    Relebogile has a certificate in Entertainment Law from the University of Johannesburg and has a certificate in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of South Africa.



SAMRO upholds a high standard of integrity and transparency. We make our financial statements available to the public so that Music Users and Music Creators alike can have a clear picture of how we collect and distribute royalties. In this way, we are reassuring our partners that the royalties we collect are distributed to the correct members.


We are a fully-accredited business with legal authority to enforce the rights of our members. We are not only in the business of administering Performing Rights on behalf of our members, we also assist government with legal input aimed at improving copyright law in South Africa.